Our product offering goes well beyond what you may see showcased in our design studio, and we would be delighted to introduce you to

our wide array of furniture, 

lighting, and décor lines. 

Bespoke customization, in addition to fabric and finsh options for in-house lines, is also available, for interiors that are truly 

as unique, as you are!


However, interior design isn't just about making things look good.


Our designers guide you beyond making color and furniture selections, and will assisting with thoughtful space and use planning ideas, shown in 3D floor plans and layouts.  

We can completely design the total room or whole house, from top to bottom...

inside and out!  


We manage and oversee renovation projects, large and small, and help keep your project on target and on budget!  

We also play well with others and a Nest designer makes a great addition to your existing building and construction team too! 



Contact Nest for further details and to schedule an initial design consultation. 


(727) 498-6988 or



We look forward to helping design your perfect Nest!